Memorial Service Marketing was created to meet the specific needs of the family-owned funeral home. The company was founded on personal service and one on one direct contact with the individual funeral home. With the helpful ideas and insight of a number of funeral directors, our specific program maximizes results while giving our clients exclusive rights to their designated trade area. We believe that it is important to stay active with personal one on one contact with our funeral homes, to keep up with changes in the industry.


Memorial Service Marketing is an exclusive direct mail advertising program, which allows only one Funeral Home per trade area (designated by you) to participate. For this reason, your time sensitive commitment in securing mailing zip codes is highly recommended!


Targeting homeowners within a select set of demographics determined by you, our exclusive mailer consists of a beautifully customized, 8-1/2 x 11, full color write-on / wipe-off memo board that attaches magnetically on the front or side of the refrigerator, and features useful space for notes, calendar items, shopping lists, etc. A write on/wipe off pen with clip is also included.


The back of the memo board provides a form for two members of the household to fill out with their EMS information.  This is the vital, and potentially life-saving, information that the paramedics and EMTs need when they arrive at the home in an emergency.  This added aspect transforms this program from not only being a great marketing program, but also a tremendous community service.


To coincide with the EMS portion, there is explanative cover letter that stresses the importance and need of having the vital EMS information filled out in case of emergency.   Along with the cover letter, there is also a certified EMS 911 peel off sticker that goes on the front door or front window to alert the approaching paramedics and/or EMTs that the EMS information is available on the back of the memo board on the refrigerator door.


The mailing also includes a preneed letter insert created specifically with our funeral home customers in mind. The letter is a customized, full color insert that contains your personal message or one of our standard templates can be modified for your use. Our preneed letter insert also contains a customized detachable bounce back card that is returned directly to your office, which is a tremendous opportunity to gather valuable information on your target audience, and any potential preneed or at need services or needs they may have. Homeowners simply fill out the detachable card, and place it in the mail. Many of our customers realize a three to five percent return on their cards!


As a special gift to your targeted consumers we've created a customized Biographical Record Book insert designed specifically with our Funeral Home customers in mind. This piece is also custom designed and links to your web site, email, and full color pictures can be included as bonus item to keep your name in front of your target consumers.


The program features a two year exclusivity of a trade area agreement for

all zip codes that you choose. The funeral home that purchases our program will also maintain first right of refusal upon renewal of trade area, as well as first right of purchase after 12 months for the remaining zip codes not originally purchased. Remaining zip codes not purchased after 12 months will be available to competitors in your area, however the blackout of your originally purchased zip code(s) will be in place for another 12 months.


The entire mailer is packaged in a customized, one color flat envelope that is mailed directly to the targeted consumers you previously selected. We are sensitive to those receiving a mailer who may have lost their spouse.

Or Current Resident is also added to the recipient field, in the event a homeowner has moved, etc. This ensures minimal packets will be returned to sender. The irregular feel of the pen inside the envelope will ensure that

                                              this piece gets opened.